• Dr Liza Wang (Episode 1): A Lifelong Love of Cantonese Opera

Alternative Title
  • Interview with Artist-in-Residence

  • A Lifelong Love of Cantonese Opera

  • 2020

  • A seeker of challenges Learning the skills of singing, acting, reciting and acrobatic fighting at age 40

    A legendary diva in the performing arts industry for more than five decades, Dr Liza Wang has been an avid lover of Chinese opera from an early age. In a quest to explore her passion for Chinese opera, Dr Wang voyaged into Cantonese opera at the age of forty. Subsequently elected the Chairperson of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong (Barwo), Dr Wang has devoted tremendous efforts to the promotion of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong. The Culture Promotion Committee of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is honoured to present Dr Wang as this year’s Artist-in-Residence, and an exclusive interview with Dr Wang in three episodes. In this episode, Dr Wang talks about her love of Cantonese opera, and the synergy between her rich experiences in the performing arts and Cantonese opera performance.

    勇於接受挑戰 四十歲由頭學起唱、做、唸、打 


Table Of Contents
  • Dr Liza Wang has performed in more than 50 Cantonese opera plays and shouldered the responsibility of inheriting this traditional art for over 30 years. Why does Dr Wang love Chinese opera so much ? (0:14)
    Dr Wang is a versatile artist with excellent skills in acting, singing, and dancing. How do the knowledge and experience gained from different performing arts help her to perform better on the stage of Cantonese opera ? (04:19)

  • The video was provided by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Culture Promotion and Events Office

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