• Dr Liza Wang (Episode 3): “I want to see Cantonese opera live on”

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  • Interview with Artist-in-Residence

  • I want to see Cantonese opera live on

  • 「就是想粵劇可以繼續活下去」

  • 2020

  • A fearless advocate for the Cantonese opera industry Promoting the preservation and development of Cantonese opera

    As the Chairperson of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong (Barwo), Dr Liza Wong shoulders the mission of advocating the art of Cantonese opera. Over the years, she has strived to expand the reach and development of Cantonese opera, overcoming immense challenges every step along the way. With her remarkable resilience, sense of responsibility and passion for the art form, Dr Wang has paved the way for the rise of a new generation Cantonese opera performers. The veteran artist is devoted to one great cause—she wants to see Cantonese opera live on.

    敢於為粵劇界發聲爭取 積極推動粵劇承傳及發展


Table Of Contents
  • Dr Wang has been tirelessly pursuing innovation in Cantonese opera and once described herself as "Deling" in the play “Deling and Empress Dowager Ci Xi” in an interview, striving for resources and transforming traditions for this historical art form. Why is the transformation of Cantonese opera so important ? (0:20)
    Cantonese opera is the first intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong that is proof of its importance and significance. Education is particularly important in the transmission of Cantonese opera. What contribution has Dr Wang made in promoting Cantonese opera education ? (1:42)
    As is known to all, the effort of Dr Wang was crucial to the establishment of the Xiqu Centre. How did Dr Wang facilitate this project? (04:27)
    Dr Wang has struggled for a long time for the establishment of the Xiqu Centre. What is the meaning of it to her or the whole Xiqu community ? (05:50)

    汪博士在粤劇演出上不斷追求創新,更曾經在訪問中形容自己就如《德齡與慈禧》中的「德齡」,為粤劇這個古老行業爭取資源、革新傳統。粤劇革新為何如此重要? (0:20)
    粤劇是香港第一項非物質文化遺產,突顯了它的重要性和代表性。要進一步推動粤劇文化的傳承,教育尤其重要。汪博士在推行粤劇教育上作出了哪些貢獻? (1:42)
    眾所周知,汪明荃博士是戲曲中心得以落成的重要推手。 究竟汪博士如何促成戲曲中心這項規劃? (04:27)
    汪博士爭取興建戲曲中心的過程漫長而艱辛。戲曲中心對她或整個戲曲界的意義何在? (05:50)
  • The video was provided by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Culture Promotion and Events Office

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