• Exhibition of the Historian-in-Residence Programme: A Journey along the Silk Road with Dr Joseph Ting

Alternative Title
  • Historian-in-Residence Programme 2018/19

  • 與丁新豹博士漫遊絲綢之路展覽

  • 駐校歷史學者計劃 2018/19

  • 2019

  • The eminent historian Dr Joseph S.P. Ting, former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, is PolyU's first Historian-in-Residence. The theme of the Historian-in-Residence Programme is the Silk Road. The Programme consists of an exhibition, two historical explorations to Vietnam and Xinjiang and two talks. Featured in this exhibition, A Journey along the Silk Road with Dr Joseph Ting, are a number of beautiful objects acquired by Dr Ting over the years from various countries along the Silk Road, as well as his Silk Road book collection. Apart from providing us with a glimpse of the customs and traditions of those countries, these exhibits also attest to Dr Ting's key to learning: 'travel- far, read wide'. We would like to thank Dr Ting for his liaison with the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Museum for lending us the map 'Silk Roads: the Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan- Corridor' and the 'Chronology of Notable Events along the Silk Road' previously displayed in the Museum's exhibition “Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road”. The marks left by ethnic groups originating from the Silk Road countries are also introduced in this exhibition with a view to examining their important role in the development of modern Hong Kong.

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