• Our journey along the Silk Road with Dr Joseph Ting begun in 2015/16

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  • 丁博士與我們「漫遊絲綢之路」始於2015/16年

  • 2019

  • The first journey along the Silk Road with Dr Ting was in 2015/16. Since then, Dr Ting has hosted a number of talks and led PolyU students and staff on historical explorations to Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Malaysia and Vietnam. Xinjiang is our next destination. Grateful as we are for the invaluable learning experience, we look forward to exploring more countries along the Silk Road with Dr Ting!


Table Of Contents
  • Tours 考察
    - 2015/2016, Tales of Two Cities: The History and Culture of Hong Kong and Guangzhou 雙城故事:遊走香港和廣州的歷史
    - 2016/2017, The Silk Roads: Where East Meets West 海陸絲路:東西邂逅
    - 2017/2018, Malaysia: An Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Country 馬來西亞:多源.多元文化
    - 2018/2019, Merchants on the Waves: Vietnam’s Trading Ties with Countries along the Maritime Silk Roads 逐利海舶:越南與絲路國家之海上貿易
    - 2018/2019, Merchants on the Sands: Different faiths along the Xinjiang Section of the Silk Road 天佑番客:西域絲路商旅敬奉之宗教
  • The video was provided by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Culture Promotion and Events Office

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