• Malaysia: An Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Country

Alternative Title
  • Historian-in-Residence Programme 2018/19

  • 馬來西亞: 多源. 多元文化

  • 駐校歷史學者計劃 2018/19

  • 2017/2018

  • In a few years' time, the Belt and Road has evolved from China's initiative into a new mode of global collaboration, which connects countries in Europe, Asia and Africa over land and maritime routes. As an important country along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic society consisting of Malays, Chinese and Indians, etc. These different ethnic groups have been living together for hundreds of years with their own religions, languages and cultures, contributing to the country's unique cultural diversity. Geographical advantage, historical factors and cultural richness make Malaysia a pivot point on the Belt and Road. Dr Joseph S. P. Ting, the former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, will host a programme series including a talk and a historical/cultural exploration to Malaysia from which participants will be able to learn more about this interesting country.


  • About Dr Joseph S. P. Ting:
    Dr Joseph S. P. Ting was born in Guangzhou and is a native of Fengshun County in Guangdong. He acquired his BA, M.Phil and PhD from the University of Hong Kong. Prior to his retirement, he was the Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History.

    He is currently an Adjunct Professor and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Comparative and Public History, Department of History, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Expert Adviser of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Museum of History; member of the Antiquities Advisory Board; trustee of the Lord Wilson Heritage's Trust; Vice-President of the Local Gazetteer Office; Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society; Honorary Fellow of The Education University of Hong Kong; Honorary Fellow of the University of Hong Kong; and adviser to a number of cultural institutions in Hong Kong and on the Mainland


Table Of Contents
  • - Talk
    Multi-ethnical Societies in Malaysia
    9 November 2017 (Thursday), 7 pm
    Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, PolyU

    - Cultural Exploration
    Historical and Cultural Exploration to Malaysia
    20-23 January 2018 (Saturday - Tuesday)
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